Movement, whether in the form of hatha yoga, conscious breathing, or otherwise, is a vehicle toward self-awareness.  Through movement, we gain an experiential understanding of our bodies.  Knowing our bodies, we create a foundation of self-love and respect from which we can build a better overall self-knowledge.  When we know ourselves, we can build a better relationship with the world around us.

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My intention is to nurture a fun and non-competiteve class environment.  Questions in the middle of class are encouraged.  I believe in learning from my students, and I don't think there is one right answer for everyone.  Mastering concepts is more important to me than mastering challenging asanas (although that can be fun, too): the postures are a form for experimentation and learning rather than a goal in themselves.  My approach is more practical and casual than metaphysical:  I am interested in problem-solving to support easful alignment, freedom of movement, and stress relief. 


Yoga From the Inside-Out 

Yoga from the Inside-Out is a multi-leveled group class in an intimate setting. Adele embellishes the traditional hatha yoga class format with information from her dance and Body-Mind Centering® backgrounds. The result is a mindful and playful approach to discovering your anatomy and movement patterns, and an opportunity to know yourself from the inside-out. 917.363.3685